Choosing the Color of Your Car

People who purchase cars do not only spend a lot of time looking for the right model to fit their needs and personalities, they also think hard of what color to choose. The color of the automobile is as important as its model, according to top companies that manufacture cars.

Car salesman with a customer

According to observations and research, the superior vehicle color is white. This is evident in the ongoing Detroit auto show especially in the Volkswagen stand where a notable number of cars are white in color.

The color white has been the predominant automobile color in the last 10 years and according to a representative from Volkswagen, this is because of the Apple era. Car companies sought inspiration from the official colors of Apple products- white with metal and chrome finishing.


The combination is a fresh choice which consumers has begun to patronize. In addition, the color white is a very clean and modern color. Most cars really look good in the color white. However, these type of white cars are not selling that well in Europe, where the people associate white automobiles with delivery cars, making it look cheap.

People who choose black cars over the white ones are said to be the sporty types. Other people residing in hot countries nonetheless prefer the color white because it deflects heat and using a black car in that type of heat can make the inside of the car very hot. The color white is also very visible, making it easier to maneuver yourself in traffic. It seems that choosing your car’s color is as much of a safety precaution as a personality-driven decision.


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