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6 Travel Tips You Absolutely Have to Follow


Many people would assume that travelling all the time can be very stressful and overwhelming. Well, if you are not much of a traveler, you wouldn’t really experience and appreciate the perks of travelling to one place or another. Business travelers from Singapore and other countries agreed that they have been doing the following travel hacks and tips in order to speed things up a bit and could help you enjoy travelling more as you supposed to.

  1. Always check in online

When we travel, there are always unexpected delays and series of unfortunate events. Given that, you always have to be prepared if ever you would encounter such troublesome experiences. Thus, you need to check yourself in through airline companies’ online check-in feature (take note of the allowed time to check in).

This could be very helpful if you are running late or if you simply want to save time at the airport. Since you won’t be lining up anymore just to check in, you can sip a cup of coffee or lounge at the waiting area ahead or just in time for your flight.

  1. Book for direct flights

The cheapest flight fares can be very enticing when you want to travel around. Although, it may be cheap and connecting flights might sound enticing and fun, well think again- it’s really not (in most cases).

When one flight gets delayed, the rest of your remaining connecting flights will be affected big time. If you book direct flights, you can save time and more money than you think. Plus, you can do away with stress and reach your desired destination comfortably on your desired day and time.

  1. Avoid checking luggage

If you want to avoid the long lines, the waiting and finding of your luggage at the baggage claim, the worst chances of your luggage put on the wrong flight or manipulated by some airport staff, you need to avoid checking in your luggage as much as possible.

If you’re going to travel for two to three days, just try to squeeze in your clothes and very important stuff in one carry-on luggage and one personal bag. This will save you time and could potentially save you money while travelling.

  1. Carry your travel necessities

It is mandatory that you bring a power bank for charging your gadgets. You will never really know when your cellphones and other gadgets get drained so power banks will come in handy especially in times of emergency. Aside from this, you need a sanitizer, or anything that you think is really important and a necessity when you go around places.

  1. Negotiate and book affordable rental cars

It’s sometimes really helpful to just rent a car when you travel to other places. It saves you more time and money compared to commuting. You can also negotiate for lesser fees.

3 Tips to Getting the Best Seat on the Plane


When boarding a plane especially long hauls, what is your greatest nightmare? There is nothing worse than being assigned in the middle seat. Middle seats in economy are inconvenient and cramped. As much as possible, you do not want to occupy it but you have no choice especially if you booked the last minute. You just have to deal with it.

business travel

The thing is, you can actually get the best seat and avoid the middle seat if you have strategies. Here are some tips for getting the best seat on the plane:

  1. Book your flight early: This is probably the oldest and easiest way to get the best seat on the plane. If you book early, you have the opportunity to choose your seat. However, as time goes by, airline companies discover the passenger’s dislike middle seat and realize that some are willing to pay for comfort. According to a study conducted by Expedia, if you book at least 57 days before your actual flight, fares are lowest. If fares are low, you have the chance to splurge on upgrades like you get to select your seat.


  1. Choose regional jets: If you are travelling within the region, pick an airline with regional jets. Regional jets are small and cramped but the good thing is its configuration – it does not have any middle seats. To make things easier, just look for aircrafts like Embraer E170 and E190 series.


  1. Pick flights based on airplane for long haul international flights: For long haul international flights, you want to be comfortable as much as possible. You cannot relax cramped in the middle seat. The best solution is to look for airline that operates twin aisle, wide-body aircraft like the Boeing 747 or 777. You can also choose an airline with Airbus A330 or A340.

The middle seat is horrible especially if you are facing long hours of travel time. Getting the best seat is about comfort but paying the price. If you are prepared to pay for comfort, you should pick the business class but if you do not want to invest in a good journey, you need patience to deal with the middle seat (if you are not that lucky).

Travelling outside Singapore should be a fun experience at the onset so it is not a problem if you choose expensive seats or if you spend little just to be comfortable. Remember though that the destination matters not the journey. Bon voyage!