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Cleaning Your Tongue – A Way to Avoid Bad Breath

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There are a lot of things that causes bad breath. One is the intake of food and drinks. Another is the presence of some diseases particularly respiratory illnesses like lung infection and many more. Also, saliva is included on the causes of bad breath. Notice that every morning when you wake up. Your mouth will extremely smell bad. It’s like a rotten egg that comes from your kitchen and passed through your mouth. It’s very disgusting and it may make our vomit but it is a reality in all people. In fact, even the King and Queen of England as well as the Powerful and famous personalities in the globe experience this sad truth.

How to Clean Your Tongue


Bacteria that crowd in the tongue are one of the suspects of making our breath smell yucky. Therefore, eliminating or at least minimizing their number will reduce the possibility of having a bad smelling breath. To clean your tongue, brush upper portion thoroughly using the tip of your toothbrush. Sometimes, your toothbrush might have tongue cleaner which is usually located at the back of it. There is also individual tongue cleaner which is made to scrub the bacteria in your tongue. Now, you can choose on what you are going to use as long as it makes you comfortable. In addition, mouth rinsing or using mouthwash will reduce bacteria in the tongue that causes your breath to smell really bad.