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New Purposes for Your Old Curtains

The best way to keep curtains in good condition is either to send it to curtain cleaning services or curtain dry cleaning services in Singapore for more delicate fabrics such as silk or linen. When kept in good condition, especially in the hands of good service, curtains could add atmosphere to your house for a long time.

However, when curtains do get old, like everything else, and no amount of time spent in curtain cleaning services could bring back their former glory. Another thing that you should consider is whether you have enough space to store them in the first place. But do you simply throw them away? No – curtains are fabrics that should be recycled as much as possible.

Here are a few things that you can make yourself without the need for any special materials or for too much hassle:

1. Slipcover

Old curtains can be used to make slipcovers for sofas and chairs, and can be used to add more color to furniture in the dining room. Old velvet curtains, for example, would make great slipcovers as the cloth texture would make them great for sitting on. The same could also be said for silk.

2. Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are a great re-purposing for standard polyester fabric curtains that you find are too faded. Remember to cut them accordingly to fit the size of your curtain rods if it turns out that they’re a little too oversized.

3. Room Dividers

If you have to share a room with someone and would like a little privacy, you can use a thick, opaque curtain in the place of a door or a room divider screen. You can even make a special closed-off space at home provided the right curtain – all you need is a good curtain rod to hang it from.

If you have two old curtains, that makes it even better for when you don’t feel like doing the curtain cleaning yourself. You can alternate between each and send the used curtain to a curtain dry cleaning service like in Singapore to keep it free from dust.

4. Tablecloth/Table runner

Some curtains can also be re-purposed for tablecloths or table runners for your dining room. However, when doing so, remember to look at the design of the curtain, as not all curtain prints and patterns would look good on a table.

Also remember to drop them by a curtain cleaning service first to keep them free of dust.

5. Closet Door

If you find that your closet doesn’t have a door to hide your clothes, or if that door squeaks too much or can’t work as a door anymore, remove it and use an old curtain to cover it up. This will protect your freshly-pressed outfits as well as turn your cabinet into something fancier.

You can also do the same for your cupboard if you find that its doors are damaged and can’t just be fixed with installing a new hinge.

6. Artwork

Curtains that have a really nice print can be cut into squares or rectangles. Fix them to the frame with glue and hang them on the wall – and voila! You now have instant wall decor that didn’t cost you much apart from a little effort.

You can even be creative with this by making a collage of different old curtain prints that you can patch together for a more varied design.

7. Cloth napkins

If your curtain is especially large and there’s still fabric left over after the table runner and the artwork, you can use the leftovers for a cloth napkin for the finishing touches to your color-coordinated home.

All you need to do is to decide how big or small you want your napkin to be. Once you’ve decided on a size, simply cut and hem the edges with a sewing machine.

8. Pillow Covers

Hate having to buy pillowcases? Why not just use your curtains instead? Turning curtains into pillow covers is great for adding more comfort to your bedroom or living room. If your old curtain just happens to have the right color and design, all you need to do is cut, sew, and add your pillows.

9. Bag

Another great way to make use of an old curtain is by turning it into a tote bag or a knapsack to save you the hassle of buying a new one or from having to count on having so many plastic bags for all of your groceries.

Here are a few more things to consider when recycling old curtains or before disposing them:

• Don’t throw them into the recycling bin right away. Curtains are made from different textiles, or could even be made from beads and shells. Most curbside recycling programs, especially in Singapore, don’t accept textiles.

• Prices will be determined by the kilogram and the kind of fabric that you sell. If a recycling plant does accept your curtains, or if you decide to sell them, you should keep this piece of advice in mind. Ones that are imported might fetch a higher price in Singapore.

• Upcycling might be a better option for recycling curtains. Give them away to someone else such as a friend or a family member, or even donate them to charity – as long as it’s free from dust and still looks good for the most part, it can still be used.

6 Tricks to Maximize the Space of Your Tiny Kitchen

A pint-size kitchen may seem ideal for most of us, but there are actually lots of ways on how you can make the most out of your small kitchen space. Rather than hating the small details that seem unfixable, consider making some small changes like adding a new coat of paint or putting some additional storage. Although small, these tricks will surely help you like the kitchen that you have – even if it’s not that much.


  1. Go for Open Storage. Unlike close cabinets, open shelves offer the sense of having more space. It’s also a chic way to display your kitchenware – if you’re able to keep everything organized. Bonus points if you’ll be able to find a way to add a washer in your kitchen.


  1. Focus on the Small Details. If there’s anything that you can do, focus on the smaller details – especially if you’re living in a rental space. If you’re not allowed to change your kitchen’s layout, then settle for doing some small switch-ups like painting the borders of your cabinets or changing your cabinet knobs. That way, you get to add some personal touch to your kitchen space without breaking the rules of rental décor.


  1. Create a Focal Point. An easy and simple way to make your kitchen look bigger is to establish a focal point. Placing a statement pendant, a patterned wallpaper or a unique dining table in your kitchen will surely leave your guests focusing on the décor rather than the size of your kitchen.


  1. Go Dark. It may seem odd, but dark cabinets actually look amazing in smaller kitchen spaces. Aside from that, painting your cabinets with similar colours will also give a cool and cosy vibe to your kitchen. Although you can add colour to your walls, white paint can give a nice contrast to your cabinets while making your space feel brighter.


  1. Opt for Double-Duty Furniture. Since you don’t have a lot of room to use, make sure that every piece of furniture in your kitchen has a dual purpose. For instance, create a nook that you can use as your office, a dining area, or a counter space for your food prep.


  1. Think of Pot Racks. Short on space? Then utilize the space of your ceiling and walls by using pot racks. Not only is this a great way to organize your cooking utensils in one area, it’s also perfect for freeing up limited counter and cabinet space.

Having a small kitchen space can be really frustrating, but with these space-saving tricks, it’s now possible to maximize and get the most out of your tiny kitchen.