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8 Best Slasher Films to Binge-Watch on a Weekend

Slasher films aren’t as popular today as they used to in the 1980s because nothing surprises audience anymore. However, the 2018 Halloween film reminded us of the potential of the genre and why it has fascinated horror fans in the first place.

If you’re looking for movies to binge-watch on a weekend, here are the best in the genre.

Psycho (1960)

Based on the novel of the same title by Robert Bloch, the story starts with a secretary who stole money from her employer running away and forced to stay at a motel after the weather turned bad. In it, she met the charismatic owner who invites her to share dinner.

The Burning (1981)

The story is based on an urban legend of Cropsey told at summer camps and is the basis for the name of a man burnt because of a prank. Cropsey survived the burning but because of the trauma and disfigurement, he wants to find those responsible for his condition.

Alone in the Dark (1982)

After the death of the psychiatrist of the facility, the replacement Dr. Dan Potter moves into the area with his wife and his daughter. He later learned that some notorious patients were responsible for the death of the doctor. It wasn’t long before his family’s life was placed in danger after a blackout failed to keep the patients inside the facility.

Tenebrae (1982)

This is a good introduction to giallo horror films. The story centers on the search of a mystery novelist who is searching for a serial killer he may have inspired by one of his novels. The killing began even before he arrived to promote his work.

Peeping Tom (1960)

From the title itself, you can guess that the murderer enjoys watching other people. In this case, he enjoys recording and watching the expressions of his victims on his camera as they die. Now that might not be impressive today if you compare it to the murders on the news, but at the time it was shown, the film was quite controversial.

Opera (1987)

Alternatively called Terror at the Opera, the setting for the strings or murder this time is in an opera house. It all started when the role of Lady Macbeth of the Macbeth production was injured and replaced by another actress. The murder took place on the opening night.

Black Christmas (1974)

As you might have already guessed, the murders in this movie took place during the Christmas season after a group of girls received a phone call from a stalker. The story was inspired by the urban legend of the babysitter and the man upstairs.

Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Another giallo film, the victims of this slasher films are mostly women, too. This time the killer is targeting fashion models while looking for a diary that details the bad things happening in the fashion house. If found, this could ruin the name of the people involved.

The Many Adaptations of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms  


This historical novel by Luo Guanzhong has inspired adaptations in the form of video games, movies, television series and comics. The novel is set in the Three Kingdoms period in AD 169 until 280 and incorporates both legendary and historical accounts. Most of it is based on a compilation by Chen Shou called Records of the Three Kingdoms. The three kingdoms refer to the three states that emerged during the chaos that ensued after the fall of the Han dynasty. The three states are Cao Wei, Shu Han and Eastern Wu. The novel is not an accurate historical account and is slightly biased towards Shu, but it has captured the intrigues and struggles of the warlords and warriors at that time.

The names of these characters have become so famous that a comprehensive list of adaptations would be too long. They have fans all over East and Southeast Asia, and even among video game and comics enthusiasts from other parts of the world. These are some of the most popular adaptations so far.


Some of the movies based on the novel are Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon in 2008, which explored the story of Zhao Yun and a fictional granddaughter of Cao Cao; Red Cliff , also in 2008, is a two-part film; The Lost Bladesman in 2011 explored Guan Yu’s tenuous friendship with Cao Cao; and The Assassins in 2012 was about two assassination attempts against Cao Cao.


A live action television series based on Cao Cao’s life, Cao Cao, was aired in 2014.


In 2008 the novel Mie Shu Ji by Li Bo was published. It highlights the fall of Shu and focused on the characters Jiang Wei, Deng Ai and Zhong Hui.


Dynasty Warriors by Koei and Omega Force is by far the most popular video game adaptation. It is currently composed of eight games as part of a series and has been released in various platforms.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Koei is a series of strategy games. It is quite different from the character-driven Dynasty Warriors series.


There are also several comics adaptation such as Sanguo Wushuang and Sanguo Wushuang Zhuan, which are based on the Dynasty Warriors series. The Ravages of Time by Chan Mou focuses on Sima Yi. Korean manwa such as Samgukjeontugi by Choi hun and Samgukji Gahujeon by Bea Min-su are also available. There are plenty of Japanese manga published over the years. Sangokushi by Yokoyama Mitsuteru also has an anime series. Souten Kouro by King Gonta explores the desperation in battle; it also has an anime adaptation which ran for two seasons. Another manga, Sousou Moutoku by Ounishi Kouichi, which (going by the title) is about Cao Cao.


There is no question about the impact of one of the world’s greatest literary masterpieces. The Three Kingdoms period in history produced brilliant thinkers like Cao Cao and strategists like Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi and Lu Xun. Lu Bu and Guan Yu embody the fierce warrior spirit. No doubt, more adaptations will be seen in the future exploring these different characters.