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Best Places to Go Jamming and Dancing in Singapore

Lovers of music will find a lot of great places for jamming, listening and performing music here in Singapore as this place is the home of many music bars. Live or recorded, Singapore got it all.


Rock music echoes in the corners of Crazy Elephant Bar all week except Mondays. Songs of Rick Derringer, Eric Burdon, Walter Trout and more rock personalities are all performed live in this bar. Spectators and rocker-wannabes can take the stage during Mondays and have a jamming with the playing band.

If music, dance and party are what you are looking for, many bars here can satisfy that such as Attica at Clarke Quay, 1-Altitude, Zouk, Tanjong Beach Club and Avalon. All of these bars have can bring you a unique and unforgettable clubbing experience.

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For Attica, two floors offer music that will move you to the groove. 1-Altitude will make you experience clubbing and viewing a breathtaking cityscape of Singapore because of its strategic location. Zouk has three interconnected bars with different themes where you can hop in and enjoy. Tanjong Beach Club brings the pool party in the scene, hence the bar name. While Avalon’s 17,000 square feet dance floor assures you there is a huge opportunity on meeting new people.

Singapore is also a place where jazz parties are located. Visit Blu Jaz Cafe, and experience the real feel of jazz music. Aside from pleasing your ears, this cafe also offers foods to satisfy the tummy. They offer roasted and barbequed foods. You must also prepare yourself on live roasting. Malt Vault and Southbridge Jazz are also worth the visit.



Singapore: Freebies for Kids

Kids definitely love to play with water. Whether it is a home-made pool, an outdoor pool, a water hose, a water slide or anything as long as it has water, kids will surely have fun with it. In Singapore, there are a lot of people who loves the outstanding services of many child-friendly places most especially the sites that has perks for kids.


Marina Barrage

When it comes to fun, staffs here are not strict but when it talks about security, do not expect a loosened protection. Here, there is a policy that when it rains, all people must evacuate to the pool because there is a possibility that lightning can strike anywhere. Just to assure safety, the staffs are making this regulation to avoid serious injuries to its customers. It is recommended to go on a sunny day at Marina Barrage so that you can tour to the different spots in the vicinity such as fountains, great spouts, water walls and sprays.


Jacob Ballas Children Park

Here, entrance fee is free for kids. However, children must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian or else he cannot enter the area. Jacob Ballas Children’s Park has a 3-storey tree house with a playground and a suspension Bridge that is mostly visited by children as well as adults. Also, the park has an attractive trees and plants that are very good for the eyesight. With just looking at the greenery in the park, you’ll feel relaxed and your stress will be eliminated.



Singapore: New Restaurants

Singapore is known to many things. Their laws, the people, the events/festivals, the history, culture and many more, there’s no country that you can compare with this beautiful island. Are you familiar with the chewing gum law? What about universal studios? Sentosa Island? Singapore Zoo? These are only few of the many views in Singapore which also help the country become wealthy.


Singapore is a rich country and that they can sustain their own country with their own money. Singapore is an economically developed country. That is why it is one of the richest countries in the globe. Because of this, many businessmen believe that the country has a great potential especially in food business. In the year 2012, many food businesses opened. This has made Singapore’s economy more stable. Here are the following restaurants that recently opened and put a great help in the economy of the country.

The Naked Finn

Seafood is best served here. Crustaceans, fish and mollusks are the trademark recipes here. Also, squid recipes with the taste of Indian delicacy are being plated here. In addition, lobsters are also included in their menu.


Burnt Ends

The saying “small but terrible” best describe this restaurant. Being a small restaurant does not guarantee that it serves tasteless dishes. Burnt ends have only 18 memorable seats. This is because of their overpowering dishes especially barbeques. Here, the most recommended foods are grilled squid and smoked quail eggs.

Clearly, there no other place to visit if you crave for food because there are many restaurants who can serve you the best.



Exhibits in Jurong Park

Jurong Park is a landscaped park that is built in the western slope of Jurong Hill which is a perfect place for nature lovers and bird lovers alike. The place is located within the Boon Lay Planning Area of the Jurong district. It has an area of 50 acres or 202,000 metres.


This park features the African Waterfall Aviary which is currently considered as the second largest walk in aviary around the world that covers about 4.9 acres or 2 hectares and includes more than 600 free flying birds from over 50 species.

Another exhibit is the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, which as the name suggests houses around 200 species of Southeast Asian Birds. Some species are generally kept in cages while others are free flying. In another corner of the zoo is a section named as Dinosaur Descendants which is full or flightless birds such as emus, rheas, ostriches and cassowaries.


The Penguin Coast is a 1,600 square metre or 17,000 square feet area which houses 5 species of penguins, Rockhopper, Humboldt, Macaroni, African penguins and King Penguins. It features a 69 feet or 21 metre tall Portuguese galleon façade which is specifically designed to look like a ship. The Lory Loft is a 32,00 square feet or 3,000 square metre and 9 storeys high area which houses lorikeets and lories. The ambience is the same with that of a rainforest valley in tropical Northern Australia.

The Pelican Cove is another exhibit that houses all 7 species of pelican, including the endangered Dalmatian Pelican. It features a boardwalk where visitors can walk along and observe the birds in the said habitat. Last but not least, the World of Darkness is a bird house that houses nocturnal species of birds which features a system of reverse lighting which typically changes day to night and vice versa.