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6 Telltale Signs You’re Addicted to Makeup


With a sea of cosmetic collection seating in your vanity, have you ever wondered if you are addicted to makeup? Can you dare going out of the house without putting on something on your face? Do you have all of the best and newest beauty products? Are your favourite hangout places include Sephora and Ulta? Find out whether you’re a makeup-holic by checking out these five telltale signs.


  1. Flying with only carry-on luggage is a nightmare.

How is anyone supposed to fit all her beauty necessities in a carry-on bag? You’d prefer paying for your checked baggage than travelling without your favourite lotions and potions with you.

  1. You have multiple pieces of the same product.

Do you own 15 sticks of nude lippies, 10 pans of taupe eye shadows, and 5 tubes of volumizing mascaras? Then, you could be dealing with makeup addiction. Unless you are a makeup artist, you don’t need that much makeup in your stash.

  1. Going out without slapping on foundation and lipstick is a no-no.

You can be considered a makeup-holic if you can’t step out of the house without makeup on. It’s fine to look nice and pulled together when heading to the grocery. But if you need a full-face makeup to go to gym, that could be a sign of some serious addiction.


  1. It takes forever for you to prep-up.

Another sign that you could be addicted to makeup is when it takes hours and hours and hours for you to get ready. Makeup-holics can take so long to prepare because they want to look perfect, which isn’t healthy. Remember that makeup is there to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it all up.

  1. Watching makeup tutorials is your favourite past time.

A beauty junkie usually spends all of their spare time reading articles and watching videos about beauty and makeup. While it’s totally fine to perfect your makeup prowess, don’t let it stop you from living your life.

  1. You carry at least six tubes of lipsticks and glosses in your purse.

You know that it adds a good amount of weight to your handbag, but you just can’t bear not to have all of your lipstick options day and night. Sure, it’s okay to bring tubes of lipsticks, but you try bringing only two colours—a day-appropriate and a night-appropriate shade.

Being addicted to makeup can be something you can be proud of. After all, everybody just wants to look beautiful all the time. However, it also has its downside—it can be a costly obsession. So, what’s the verdict? Are you makeup addict?


5 Beauty Benefits of Exercising Regularly

Most of us go to the gym not just to look good, but to feel better as well. We sweat out to gain self-confidence, shape our muscles and to shed off those extra pounds. But other than being beneficial for our overall health, exercising actually has a lot more to offer – its myriad of beauty benefits.


  1. Gives Youthful Glow to the Skin. Other than a perfectly toned body, a glowing skin is also something that you’d get from exercising regularly. Working out regularly increases your heart rate and the increased blood flow pushes all the minerals, vitamins and oxygen into your skin’s capillaries, resulting to a youthful skin. It might even give you a little flush on your cheeks that will make you skip on applying your blush.
  1. Improves Skin Elasticity. Not only does exercising provide younger-looking skin, it also aids in improving the skin’s elasticity. The ideal workout routine for this? Yoga exercises. Working out using yoga poses helps in countering the gravitational effects on the skin, thereby increasing its elasticity. It even promotes movement of your lymphatic system, which is responsible for improving your immune system. With this, you’re sure that your skin is cleansed inside out.
  1. Stimulates Hair Growth. Surely, the last thing you’d expect to get from working out in the gym is better hair. Guess what? Exercising does help in getting beautiful locks. The increased blood flow and circulation from exercising is what stimulates hair follicles and hair growth, resulting to lovelier strands.


  1. Cleanses the Pores. Sweat often gets a bad reputation for the belief that it clogs the pores. Truth be told, sweating is actually your skin’s way to detox itself naturally. A good sweat session is comparable to a steam clean that eliminates the toxins on your skin. Just make sure that you remove all traces of makeup on your face before hitting the gym to prevent clogged pores.
  1. Stops the Stress Hormone. Not only can cortisol wreak havoc on your waistline, it can also accelerate the aging process of your skin. This stress hormone has been known to damage the collagen and elastin, while slowing down the growth of new skin. Luckily, this can be avoided by just exercising alone. By exercising regularly, your body is able to create healing endorphins that effectively counteracts the harmful effects caused by cortisol.

Working out regularly has long been proven as the best way to improve our health and physique. Now, not only does this it serve as an excellent way to lose weight and tone your body, you can already reap off the beauty benefits that exercising also offers.


4 Things to Consider to Become a Better Beauty Shopper  

Shopping for beauty items that perfectly fits your budget, personality and needs is a skill usually sharpened over time. Luckily, there are other ways for you to become a better and wiser beauty shopper than emptying your back account. Aside from chatting with your friends, reading some reviews, and studying the prices of each product, there are several steps that you can incorporate in your shopping routine to ensure that you’ll score the best product fit for your needs.


  1. Read some expert or blog reviews about the product. You’ve seen a commercial promoting a new beauty product and it seems like the solution to all of your beauty problems, right? If so, we suggest that you do some research and read several reviews first before you decide ordering it in bulk. Look through websites and forums to read some discussions about the newest beauty products out in the market, and see if the item really targets your concerns.


  1. Know the shelf-life of the product. Another important thing to look into is the product’s shelf-life. This will help you become a better beauty shopper because you’ll be able to create an estimate as to how much of the product you’ll be able to use before it expires. Moreover, this will also prevent you from wasting your hard-earned cash by throwing the remains of the product that you failed to use. So step back and analyse your habits first before your decide on making a purchase.


  1. Study the prices of different brands. Some beauty items are usually sold straight out of the brand’s website, and in department stores, and are often priced competitively. Once you hear about a new product in the market, be wise enough to check on the brand’s website or check on actual stores like Ulta and Sephora to get the best price before purchasing the item.


  1. Test out the product. After reading some reviews, take the extra step of personally testing out the product to ensure that you’ll get the total product satisfaction that you’re looking for. Don’t immediately cross out the product just because one person disliked it. Remember that all of us have different hair and skin need, and not all cosmetic colour is flattering for everyone in exact same way.

Cosmetic stores like Kohl, Sephora and Ulta have disposable tools that you can use to test the product on yourself. Department stores, on the other hand, have makeup artists that can give you a mini-makeover to show you how the product really works.


5 Steps to Speed-Up Your Beauty Routine  

We’ve all had our fair share of moments where our beauty routine was cut short, resulting to a look that we aren’t really going for. Still, being short of time doesn’t mean that we should skip out several steps in our routine. Instead, speed up your beauty routine using these five easy and simple steps.


  1. Organize Your Beauty Products

Having your beauty products scattered all over your dresser makes it a guessing game for you every time you need to get ready. Avoid wasting your precious time by simply keeping your things organized, and you’ll be amazed at how quicker your beauty routine will be and how smoother it will go.

  1. Multitask In Your Routine

Doing some of your routines at the same is also a great way to speed things up. Let your hair dry while you apply some makeup, shave your legs while waiting for you conditioner to sink in. These are just some tricks on how you can fast forward things and still get the look that you want.

  1. Use Dual or Multipurpose Products

Since you’re planning to speed everything up, then why not opt for a multipurpose beauty product. A cheek and lip tint is a good example because it’s one product that can be used in two different parts of the face. Another great multipurpose product is the BB or CC cream, which moisturizes the skin, preps it and provides a good coverage at the same time.polls_apply_make_up_0813_686809_poll_xlarge

  1. Go For Longer-Lasting Effects

Opting for things that offer longer-lasting effect is another trick to fast forward your beauty routine. If you find yourself struggling with your hair every day, then go and get yourself a good haircut that’s very easy to style. For the tiring daily application of fake falsies, or coats of mascara, consider getting a lash extensions. This way, things will always be good to go even with just how they are.

  1. Create A Go-To Look

Although trying out new looks can be fun, it’s still important to have a particular look that you can count on when you’re pressed of time. Come up with a simple look that you’re comfortable with and can bring out your natural beauty. This way, you’ll know exactly what to do even if you’re in a rush.

Speeding up your beauty routine is the best way for you to get the look that you want to pull off even when you don’t have the luxury of time. Practice the aforementioned steps and see how beautifying your self will go smoothly and quickly.


Stop Nail Biting for a Good

Nails are one of the many parts of the body that we can boast. As a matter of fact, nails can determine the status of a person. How? This is by looking at its appearance. Nails determine how beautiful a woman is. Most of the time guys love girls who have clean and lovely nails. However, there are girls who are not blessed with their nails which ends to frustration and starts to bite their own nails.


When you bite your nails, all the bacteria and germs are passed through your mouth which increases the possibility of getting inside the body. Not only that, you can also damage your nails and it’ll not be back on its original form. Also, nail biting can damage your teeth as well as your gums.

If nail biting has been you habit, stop it for the good. If you cannot stop it try these remedies:


  1. Try to fake it. Wear fake and/or acrylic nails. Yes! You can bite your nails. But the good thing here is that you are not wearing your original nails. Thus, preventing it to be damaged.
  2. Distract yourself. One of the best option to avoid biting your nails is to indulge in activities like badminton, swimming, house chores and more as long as you forget to bite your nails.
  3. Consult a physician. If the habit is very extreme, you need to consult your doctor. Basically, that is not a habit any more, it is a disorder. Biting the nails several times causes injury. Sometimes, it can lead to infection which is more serious.