A Mother’s Guide to Eliminating Lice

Mothers feel uneasy when they know that their kids are infested with lice. Aside from the itch, the thought of lice running around our kid’s head and sucking their blood is unsettling. It does not end there because other family members or the whole household can be infested too if we don’t act immediately.

When we are faced with this infestation, it is essential that we do something about it and it means doing it without delay. To help us with this problem, here is a guide:

If we see our kids from school scratching their head uncontrollably, it means something is wrong. If we are sure that lice are present, the first thing that we should do is ask our kid to wash his/her hair. They should use lice treatment shampoos. We can also try applying olive oil and vinegar. After washing the hair, let us wait for it to dry and comb (with the use of nit comb) it. If there is no difference, just continue washing the hair with shampoo, oil or vinegar until they are totally eliminated.

Since lice can transfer from one person to another, we should make sure that no other family members are affected. If there are other family members affected, we can use the same treatment. To prevent its spread, we should avoid using the same comb. It is also important to wash our kid’s clothes thoroughly and their beddings. Hot water and hot dryer can do the trick. If we have time, we can wash all our beddings to be sure.

If lice are still present despite our best efforts, it is time to ask for a doctor.

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