6 Telltale Signs You’re Addicted to Makeup


With a sea of cosmetic collection seating in your vanity, have you ever wondered if you are addicted to makeup? Can you dare going out of the house without putting on something on your face? Do you have all of the best and newest beauty products? Are your favourite hangout places include Sephora and Ulta? Find out whether you’re a makeup-holic by checking out these five telltale signs.


  1. Flying with only carry-on luggage is a nightmare.

How is anyone supposed to fit all her beauty necessities in a carry-on bag? You’d prefer paying for your checked baggage than travelling without your favourite lotions and potions with you.

  1. You have multiple pieces of the same product.

Do you own 15 sticks of nude lippies, 10 pans of taupe eye shadows, and 5 tubes of volumizing mascaras? Then, you could be dealing with makeup addiction. Unless you are a makeup artist, you don’t need that much makeup in your stash.

  1. Going out without slapping on foundation and lipstick is a no-no.

You can be considered a makeup-holic if you can’t step out of the house without makeup on. It’s fine to look nice and pulled together when heading to the grocery. But if you need a full-face makeup to go to gym, that could be a sign of some serious addiction.


  1. It takes forever for you to prep-up.

Another sign that you could be addicted to makeup is when it takes hours and hours and hours for you to get ready. Makeup-holics can take so long to prepare because they want to look perfect, which isn’t healthy. Remember that makeup is there to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it all up.

  1. Watching makeup tutorials is your favourite past time.

A beauty junkie usually spends all of their spare time reading articles and watching videos about beauty and makeup. While it’s totally fine to perfect your makeup prowess, don’t let it stop you from living your life.

  1. You carry at least six tubes of lipsticks and glosses in your purse.

You know that it adds a good amount of weight to your handbag, but you just can’t bear not to have all of your lipstick options day and night. Sure, it’s okay to bring tubes of lipsticks, but you try bringing only two colours—a day-appropriate and a night-appropriate shade.

Being addicted to makeup can be something you can be proud of. After all, everybody just wants to look beautiful all the time. However, it also has its downside—it can be a costly obsession. So, what’s the verdict? Are you makeup addict?


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