5 Tips to Teach Your Child the Art of Sharing


Until they reach three years old, children think that everything revolves around them. So basically, sharing is not in their nature. However, sharing can be learned through practice and guidance. Here are some tips to teach your little tots that sharing is caring.


  1. Start Training Your Child Early

Make your child’s early toys his first sharing opportunities, so start training him by taking turns with playing his toys. For instance, give your baby a rattle shake to play with, then after a couple of minutes take it, play with it yourself, and return it back to him. This teaches your little one that sharing can be fun, too.

  1. Share Some of Your Things

Sharing your things helps build the concept of sharing to your toddler, so avoid labelling anything as someone’s. Instead of saying, “That’s mommy’s things, don’t touch,” say something like, “That’s not a toy, have this instead” and give your child an alternative toy to play with. Let him play with your keys, try on your shoes, or drink from your favourite cup.

  1. Encourage Group Sharing

During snack time, little kids tend to simply snatch food, not share. However, instead of letting everyone have their own plates, cut snacks into pieces and have them on one plate, stating something like “One for Sue, one for Tim, and one for you.” If your little toddler snatched his share and doesn’t seem to care for others, gently guide his hand to pass the plate to other, not forgetting to praise him for sharing.

Toddlers helping and sharing in the playroom

  1. Play With Your Child

Family playtime is a great way to prepare your child for sharing. When he’s playing with little cars, ask him, “Can mom and dad play with some of your cars, too?” If he refuses, step back briefly and then try asking again. This lets the child feel that sharing makes friends and makes playtime more fun.

  1. Prepare for Play Dates

When friends and relatives visit for play dates, toddlers naturally protect what’s theirs. So it would best to keep his favourite toys and have a share mat instead with toys that can be enjoyed by everyone. Remind him always by saying things like, “Mommy would be happy if Ty shares” or “Mommy loves you to let Sue use your crayons.” Just make sure to prepare several of everything to make sharing easier for your toddler.

Sharing is a good and respectful habit. Teaching your kids early ensures that this valuable practice will be carried through their adulthood, making them kind and courteous individuals in the future.


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